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Walk - In Bath Tubs for the elderly, disabled, handicapped or mobility challenges.

 We offer a large selection of walk-in bathtubs for elderly, disabled and handicapped people in Maine. Some basic features that all walk in tubs have are indoor swing, slip resistant floor, advanced watertight walk-in tub door system, faucet deck, color-matched built in safety grab bar. We work with two outstanding companies Meditub and Best Bath.

 Meditub is the largest manufacturer and  distributor of walk-in tubs in North America. They offer the most extensive assortment in the industry. Each walk-in tub goes through an extensive quality control process. 

Best Bath has an innovative line up of walk-in tubs and shower-tub combos. They were the first company to offer accessibility products to people in need. It was the CEO's mother who was the inspiration for creating access bath products. While visiting her, he heard of her difficulties bathing.

Statistics show that more falls occur in your bathroom than in any other room in your house. Usually when you step over your tub wall, or slip on a wet floor and these injuries increase after you turn 65. Eyesight fades and you tend to have less balance and mobility. A walk in bathtub can help lesson these risks of injury.  

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MediTub Walk-In Tub For Sale Augusta, Maine

Best Bath

Best Bath Walk-In Tub For Sale Augusta, Maine

Ella Bubbles

Ella Bubbles Sold by Daniels Augusta Maine

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