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Stair Lifts

Stair lifts give you full use of your home again.

If you love your home but fear your stairs, it is time to give Daniels Accessibility a call. It is a very common problem as we age to become afraid of a fall. If walking up and down your stairs fills you with anxiety or you find yourself trying to avoid using your stairs, you are probably in need of a stair lift.  Whether it is due to balance, heart condition, pain & stiffness, or a doctor’s advice, you are not alone. There is a simple solution that protects your safety and will let you keep enjoying all of your home. Don't feel singled out. There are hundreds of thousands of people that have had a stair lift installed in their home.

Daniels Accessibility will take the worries out of the variables needed to have a stair lift installed. We will determine the dimensions, stairwell measurements, curved vs. straight, features of the carriage seat, cost and insurance reimbursement, purchasing vs. renting. Just give us a call!

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